Friday, June 29, 2007

If they lose they should kill themselves!

The U.S. played Argentina in futbol (soccer) last night in the Copa America. The general response to folks here was -- well, it was something like a collective yawn. I tried to get some guys together to watch the game. Usually a national team game is an easy excuse to get some beers (and Fernet). But this game didn't really register. The only response I got from folks was that it wasn't going to be much of a game. Hence, "If they lose, they should kill themselves."

And, after looking at and this morning, it looks like they were right. ESPN says "US Outclassed by Argentina", Foxsports says "Class is in Session."

Normally this wouldn't bother me. My football starts with 350 lb. men who run at sprinter speeds and have the IQ of my old tennis shoe.

But two things kind of got to me this time. One - the newspapers down here are talking about how bad Argentina played. I mean they were behind for 11 whole minutes and the final score was ONLY 4 - 1. You would think they were blown out from a World Cup game. Two -- Janalee's kid was cheering for Argentina. She thinks it was great.

It seems to me that we work on this sport some. Doesn't every kid in the suburbs of every city in the U.S. play this crazy game? Can't we find 23 athletes who are willing to give up the outrageous salaries of the NBA and NFL to play soccer? Where are the sports patriots (asks the guy who is an ExPat)? Maybe Beckham can save us. Oh yeah, he is English -- so much for that idea.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Outlet Shopping in Mendoza

So, it seems that suburban U.S. has finally come to Mendoza (in addition to us that is). Yesterday while I was walking down the street I noticed a new sign (down here they post signs everywhere - on fences, buildings that no one lives in - really anywhere is fair game). The sign read "Sex Outlet".

I haven't been to this shop. I doubt that I will go. There are just some things that I don't think you should buy at an outlet store. Sex is pretty high on that list. Truth be told, sex is not something I would buy retail either (I am from Utah after all). But, purchasing it at an outlet store seems especially bad. Don't they send stuff no one wants to buy to outlet stores? You know, things from last season that no one purchased. Pants with crooked stitches come to mind or maybe pink boxer shorts with little monkeys on them (I don't have a pair of those - really I don't).

It is probably best that I stop right here with this line of thinking. Janalee is going to check out the blog eventually and then she is going to delete this whole piece.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Flamenco in the Family

It is Flamenco month in Mendoza and so we have been watching Flamenco shows. All very exciting, but nothing compared to watching the little Flamenco dancer in the family. I have added some photos here for those who want to look.

Hope you are well and enjoying the summer.