Monday, June 11, 2007

Outlet Shopping in Mendoza

So, it seems that suburban U.S. has finally come to Mendoza (in addition to us that is). Yesterday while I was walking down the street I noticed a new sign (down here they post signs everywhere - on fences, buildings that no one lives in - really anywhere is fair game). The sign read "Sex Outlet".

I haven't been to this shop. I doubt that I will go. There are just some things that I don't think you should buy at an outlet store. Sex is pretty high on that list. Truth be told, sex is not something I would buy retail either (I am from Utah after all). But, purchasing it at an outlet store seems especially bad. Don't they send stuff no one wants to buy to outlet stores? You know, things from last season that no one purchased. Pants with crooked stitches come to mind or maybe pink boxer shorts with little monkeys on them (I don't have a pair of those - really I don't).

It is probably best that I stop right here with this line of thinking. Janalee is going to check out the blog eventually and then she is going to delete this whole piece.


At 6:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Vince great to you and the fam out in Uco valley today - send me an email (Jan has it) so I can send that pic to ya - cheers Sean

At 2:10 AM , Anonymous Norma D. said...

This is too damn funny! I think your next career is as a humor columnist.

In case you have an inkling to get back in touch with an old pal, send me an email at work: (when I get home the last thing I want is to get on a computer). P.S. I'll be in DC in mid November. Any chance you'll be around?

At 6:50 PM , Anonymous Kiri said...

You write very well.

At 6:59 PM , Blogger Vince Meldrum said...



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