Friday, May 25, 2007

25 de Mayo - El Acto

There is just nothing like a school play. The type of school play that you attend when your kid is in kindergarten or first grade is an especially unique event. That is not to say that I don't love school plays - because I think they are great -- they just require a certain blindness to truly appreciate.

Yesterday we attended Amelia's school play - Viva La Patria - the celebration of the Argentine May Revolution. Being the overly proud father that I am I was certain (and remain so) that my daughter would play a part that was central to the Argentine Revolution. So, of course Amelia played one of several lavanderas (women who wash clothes). I need to read a bit more about this particular holiday to get a sense of the role of the lavandera (or the candle sellers that boys in Mia's class portrayed) in the bloodless revolution of May - but I am positive they were central players in the overthrow of Spanish rule.

For now, I will rejoice in the joy of watching my five year old sing the song of the lavandera, smile like she has just won an Oscar and hug every friend in sight. The joys of being a parent!

For those of you interested, you can see pictures of the big event (her third play - she is a regular on the stage) here. I really only expect Amelia's grandmother to look at these pictures - let's be honest this was no High School Musical.

Felice Dia Del 25 de Mayo!


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