Sunday, May 06, 2007

Whither the blogmaster?

Some of you may be wondering why there are so few posts this year. Last year, my husband wrote at least once a week, sometimes twice. In fact, sometimes, I had to beg him not to blog….”you don’t have to share every detail of our lives on-line…”

So, que pasa este ano?

It seems that our blogmaster has gone back to more than part-time work outside the home… While he still does some consulting, and he’s still Super Dad, he’s also resumed a modified version of his former life in the states.

In January he was asked to return to Earth Force, and serve as President there. This presented a tough choice for us; we had decided we really wanted to stay in Argentina for at least another year. So, Vince and the Earth Force board arrived at a shared leadership arrangement -- he serves as president and is responsible for raising money and working with the Earth Force team to set direction -- while one of his colleagues, Lisa Bardwell who has led the Denver Earth Force office for many years, serves as CEO and oversees the day-to-day operations.

Thus far the arrangement is working well. It does mean, however, that Vince spends a lot more time in the states than he used to, and these days, he’s much more likely to be working late at night than he is to be practicing his Spanish -- or blogging.

So, alas, it seems that I will need to take up the blogging mantle. In homage to Vince:
* I promise I will try to be funny (my friends always comment that they can tell when I have written something, by the “serious nature” of the post -- read BORING)
* I will write one silly blog/month, just because
* I will make sure to include lots of pictures of Mia (first I have to learn how to insert pictures…..)


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