Friday, September 29, 2006

Domaine St. Diego

Domaine St. Diego is one of the more picturesque bodegas in the Maipu region sitting at the base of terraced foothills that one can leisurely stroll through on a self-guided tour among an alternating stamds of grapes and olive trees. When Peter and Zoe were in town we took them out for the tour -- well worth the effort (it was killer we had to drive about 20 minutes from our house on a beautiful day and then spend an hour walking through a beautiful vineyard).

The famed Mendocino oenologist Angel Mendoza (I read somewhere that he is famous) and his son Lucas (not yet famous) have focused their attention on small harvests from only the best vines and produce a well balanced and smooth tinto vino. They also produce the famed Angel Mendoza Damajuana (a damajuana is a big jug of wine) Domaine St. Diego uses the riddling process, hand turning each bottle to produce a wonderful sparkling as well. This bodega is one of our favorites to visit in the spring and summer especially as the terraced fields and walking trails are in full bloom during that time of year.

Peter and Zoe took some time out from the arduous trip to sit on the bench that the Familia Mendoza has built from old vines -- they are such newlyweds (they still call each other "honey" and "sweety" -- that will wear off). And, then we were off to see the Tapaus Distillery -- not wine, but made from grapes -- more on that soon.



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