Monday, August 14, 2006

Dia del Nino

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that Argentina has far more holidays than the we have in the U.S. Every week there seems to be a holiday. On Sunday we celebrated Dia del Nino -- the day of the child. Dia del Nino is the day when all of the parents give kids presents and let kids decide what the family is going to eat, what the family is going to do and generally be in charge. So, it was pretty much like every other day of the year for us.

We purchased Mia a bike for Dia del Nino. A purple beach comber with great big training wheels. By Monday she was riding all over town. In fact, she rode the bike all the way to Janalee's office (pretty close to a mile). Luckily it is downhill to the office and there is an heladoria on the way -- a chocolate milk shake really helps on your first long ride. We didn't really stop to have ice cream, but if I would have thought of it earlier we surely would have.

I have to run, we need to get ready for Thursday -- San Martin Day. Not the anniversary of his birth that we celebrated in March, but the annivesary of his death. We didn't celebrate Air Force Day (last Thursday) and I am still sad, I need to find out when Navy Day is......

As they say in Mendoza, "Feliz Dia" (just in case you don't know what holiday it is, but you are certain it is one you can just say happy day thus avoiding the need to mark a specific holiday).


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