Friday, July 28, 2006

Caca de Pájaro

Why me? A question often asked by a person who has experienced bad luck. Why did the piano fall on my car? Why did my wife buy new boots? You all know the kind of bad luck I am talking about.

Why me was the question that I asked after I was hit with caca de pájaro. (For those of you reading along in English I will tell you that a pájaro is a bird – caca you will have to figure out on your own.) Since I moved to Mendoza I have been hit with caca de pájaro five times – cinco! In my entire life before moving to Mendoza I had it happen once – uno.

What is up? Do I look like a bird bano? Is my hair the color of a bird nest? Is it just a random occurrence? Is it some kind of kharmic payback for something I did as a kid? (I swear I didn’t do anything to any birds – it was Mike Olsen. Caca on him.)

Whatever it is I give up – it is someone else’s turn. Please, please caca somewhere else.

The bird pictured here is not the culprit. I just happened to see a Red Capped Cardinal the other day and thought is was amazing. For that coincidence it gets to be associated my rant. It is probably flying around right now asking itself “Why me”.


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