Tuesday, July 11, 2006

9 de Julio

So what do Argentines do for Independence Day? If you have a kid in school you attend a school play or El Acto. Mia’s school presented a three-act one-hour ensemble piece highlighting the most important elements of Argentine independence. And, we had a great time.

Mia danced in her Falda de Pisana (kind of a cowboy skirt) and waved her panuelo (a blue handkerchief) with the rest of her class. She was quite cute and spent a good deal of time making sure her parents were still in the audience. You can see some photos of the event here.

I won’t go through how hard it was for me to find a skirt, basket and panuelo – I will just say that it went much better when I finally took Mia with me to explain what we needed. She chatters away in Espanol now – good thing she isn’t old enough to play really mean tricks on her dad – I would never know what was happening to me. Yes, my Spanish is still that bad.

I am going to write a bit more about the Asado we had on the actual Independence Day, but I am waiting for some more photos. The short story is in Argentina you spend the Independence Day eating meat and in our case riding horses.

Talk to you all soon.


At 1:06 AM , Blogger Ash said...

Mia is the greatest neace in the world. keep up the great and wonderful task of parenting.


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