Saturday, June 03, 2006

Small World pt. 4

So, I am once again astounded by the fact that it is such a small world. A friend of a friend is staying with us this week and just happened to mention that her mother grew up in Utah. I asked her where and she said, "a small town - you have probably never heard of it". It turns out that her mother graduated from Orem High School -- the same high school that I graduated from.

A coincidence? I think not. Perhaps Mendoza is really an island, and we are not visiting here, but our plane crashed and now we are part of a psych experiment. Or, maybe I have been watching too much Lost on my Ipod (I may be in South America, but I can still download things....).

Alright, gotta run. I am "watching" game six of the Suns/Mavericks playoff series on my computer -- you gotta love technology!


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