Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fall in May

It is finally Fall here in Mendoza with the leaves quickly turning amazing amarillo y roja (and piling up in front of the casa). While it seems slightly strange to be thinking about the Fall in May, it is quite beautiful to watch the colors change in the vineyards (we don't live near one -- in case anyone was wondering).

I have added some photos so that anyone who actually looks at this site can see the colors. I didn't take the pictures . Our friend Michael took them on a recent outing. Janalee, Amelia and I were in the mountains that day -- without our camera (we are always prepared just like the scouts).

Two funny things about the change in seasons:

Amelia said the other day, "Soon it will be winter and then it will be your birthday." Funny to hear, since my birthday is in June. (I added that to remind my wife that my birthday is coming.)

A friend of ours (who shall remain nameless) said the other day "Isn't it exciting that it is getting be Fall down here? Soon you will celebrating Christmas in Argentina." While is true that we will be celebrating Christmas in Argentina, Christmas is still in December. For some strange reason they don't change the date commemorating the birth of Jesus when you move south of the equator. Just a note for anyone who might be confused.

Happy Holidays!


At 1:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sounds like life is good. That's super. I laughed out loud at your reminder that the date of Christmas doesn't change! I guess that means Christmas is a spring (?) holiday in Argentina? Anyhow, thinking of you, Janalee, and Amelia, and enjoying your blog.

Jen C.


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