Monday, March 13, 2006

A Swimming Demon

Mia’s swimming lessons have continued and she is making great progress. Last week she topped off all of her hard work by swimming to her teacher without any kind of floatation device (no paddle board, no floaties and no tube). While her swimming includes as much time underwater as above water, she is becoming quite the swimmer (in her father’s eyes that is). I have visions of her swimming the 200 M Butterfly in the 2022 Summer Olympics (or perhaps watching them on TV – but who is to say she won’t be swimming). Of course, this vision assumes that she inherited exactly none of my physical prowess.

Anyway, being the overly proud father that I have become I made a photo album to share with everyone. You can see the photos here.

On another random note someone emailed me and asked why you don’t see any photos of me on the website. The simple answer is that I am the one who writes the blogs and takes the photos – I don’t want to put photos of me on the site, so I don’t. There you have it – no more reason to wonder about that.

And, one final shout out to our friends who recently got much older. Peter Loge marked another year over 40 (sorry about “outing” you with the American University Co-eds, but they were going to find out eventually). And, David Stempien joined the ranks of the over 40 crowd. My only piece of advice is that being over 40 is not as bad as it seems – there is life after 40 (at least that is what I hear from Janalee – how would I know what it is like to be over 40?).

May the road always rise to meet your feet!


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