Monday, February 20, 2006

Vince 1 - Hormigas 0

We won the first round in our battle with the hormigas – I was able to successfully negotiate a relationship with the exterminador (like a matador for bugs) and our yard has been sprayed. One challenge is that within 24 hours we have found a new hormiga hill. They were quickly dispatched with some foul smelling (and probably incredibly toxic) liquid. Even with their last ditch attempt to reestablish their infestation I am claiming victory.

Now that I have proven my dominance over small bugs, I am on to bigger things: language. Just kidding, there is no chance whatsoever that I am going to claim a victory in the language category. At best I am like the US in cross-country skiing – I try really hard, but everyone knows that others are destined to win. Have I mentioned how strange it is to be talking about skiing in the middle of the summer?


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