Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Wonders of Technology

This is probably obvious everyone -- but I am still amazed at how technology has changed the world. This morning Janalee and I are sitting at our table in Mendoza, Argentina (calling this thing a table might be bit of a stretch since it is made of plastic and wobbles like a weeble) each working on our various projects. While we are working we are listening to WNYC (NPR Station), sending email to friends and colleagues across the globe, talking to Comcast Cable on an Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone with a 703 area code (trying to disconnect our service -- I am on hold of course) and having conversations with folks in Mendoza via instant messenger. And, we are doing all of this without a single wire connecting any of our computers or telephones. To put it into perspective the computer course I took in college taught students how to program computers using punch cards! I once had a business teacher who wouldn’t allow you to write your papers on a computer because they weren’t practical – I guess that guy must be totally freaked out by now (Janalee thinks he might be dead – a comment on my age I think).

Janalee thought we should add a photo of me at the table – I didn’t want to do that to any one who might read this post. The work at home rumors are true – no shirt, no shower, no shoes. I think you can do without that picture (the rumors of me getting in better shape on this trip are still only rumors despite how photogenic I have become as you can see in my photo).

There is not much of a point to this post – just a bit of a rant to start the morning.


At 1:51 PM , Anonymous Mindy said...

Looking good, Vince :)

Excellent idea about the monthly wine recommendation. Hmmm, now to see if any find their way to south carolina...

At 12:50 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed out loud at this post..thanks Vince! You know I needed it this week!

~ Julie G in Minnesota


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