Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Finally, The Day Has Arrived

At least we have arrived in Argentina. The trip was great – even taking into account that we were in a plane all night. It was all worth it when we got to see the sun rise over Aconcagua which was absolutely spectacular. The pilot announcing that we are at 20,000 feet and seeing the mountain above us with the sun streaming behind the peak. Mia summed it up for all us with a resounding "Wow". After that the rest of the day has been a blur.

I have to admit that I am old enough that I am still amazed that I can sit down in airports around the world and log onto the internet wirelessly. At 7:00 AM this morning we sat down in a cafe in the Santiago, Chile airport and checked our email. I even instant messaged with a friend in Florida. I am amazed at how connected the world is. Not that Chile is some backwater, but all I had to do was open my computer in Santiago and I was online – I agree with Mia, “Wow”.

Enough waxing poetic about WiFi. The real news is that Argentina is rounding out to be as amazing as promised. The people are great. Amelia and Janalee struck up a friendship with a mother and a daughter in the Santiago airport and by the time we left everyone was taking photos and giving hugs. A photo of the event is on the right. The weather is beautiful. It is about 90 today. A great dry heat with just the right amount of breeze. All that is left is to have some of the food. So far all I have eaten is some chicken that our friend Michael cooked up with mashed potatoes. Better than eating Mia’s Clifford Crunch (a cereal for those of you without kids), but not really the great food I had been led to believe I would experience. I have only been here for three hours, so I guess I should have some patience.

That is it for today – the battery on this thing is just about to give up. We miss everyone all ready and hope you are well.


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