Wednesday, February 15, 2006


As a part of our continuing saga we have discovered ants in our house (and in our yard, and pretty much everywhere else right now). The first clue as to our situation was when Janalee’s foot started to swell up from fire ant bites. I think she will live through the experience, but not without some serious counseling – I think we will need to go to the Freud Institute of Mendoza to ensure that all of the issues are resolved. Anyway, the real story here is the ant infestation. After a few sightings around the house we have now found them in la concina, el living and la bano. I think we can safely say we have ants. Now, the question is what to do with them.

At home we would call an exterminator and have them come out and take a look. In Mendoza we will do the same. The big difference will be my mastery of the Spanish language. Given my current abilities with the language I am not sure what will happen – the only guarantee is that I will call what I think is an exterminator in the phone book and ask them to spray for hormiga. Assuming all goes well we will be rid of the ants. If it doesn’t go well, I will have a year’s supply of Hormel products.

Random note of the day: A hot dog (in a bun) is called a “Pancho” the best hot dog place in the section of town where we live is called Pancho Villa – essentially a nice house for hot dogs. So, here is the random part – when I mentioned that Pancho Villa was the rebel general of the Mexican Revolution the response I got from the person who pointed it out was: “You must be mistaken”. It wouldn’t be the first time that my memory of history was wrong, but I really feel like I have this one right. Off I go to buy a book on Mexican history, in Spanish of course.

Buenos Tardes


At 12:49 AM , Blogger lil'rumpus said...

I was reading this and thinking back to when I was trying to call a plumber in Japan...yep, you may just get Hormel :)

Thanks for keeping the blog going!

BTW, love seeing the pics of Mia.



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