Thursday, February 02, 2006

January's Food and Wine Recommendations

Since a big part of our reason for coming to Mendoza was to enjoy the local wine-making culture and experience the fine food in the region, we have decided to add a monthly update on eating and drinking in Mendoza. Sort of our recommendations of the best of Mendoza. Besides, needing to write in the blog about the best food and wine, is a good excuse to taste the best wines and eat at the best restaurants.

Our favorite wine this month is Gimenez Rilli Perpetuum Merlot. We drank some of the 2003 vintage last night, and it was just amazing. It has an incredibly fruity flavor with notes of cherries and raspberries and a smooth finish (yes, Janalee wrote that part). We wouldn't normally pick up a Merlot (we have seen Sideways seven times after all), but this one was muy rico. It is available in the states, but on a limited basis -- if you see it, buy it. Or, you can buy it through VinoTourism -- the link is to right.

Our favorite restaurant of the month is 1884 Frances Mallman. Probably one of the best meals we have ever had. Between the Suckling Pig, the Sirloin and Amelia's favorite, the Chocolate Addiction, this meal was amazing. They don't start seating until 10:00 PM (the traditional dinner hour here in Mendoza) but it is worth staying out late to eat at this place. And, the price can't be beat (thanks to the exchange rate). Our total bill came to about $40 (US) per person for seven including appetizers, meals and desserts as well as plenty of really good wine.

So far our eating experience is far outstripping my desire to get in shape – my excuse is that I am still on vacation. The only question remaining is how long I can continue to use the excuse.

That is it for January’s Gastronomic update – next month best bar food (not that we go to bar’s regularly) and perhaps a white wine.


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