Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We Host An Asado

We have been in our house for a week and we have already had our first Asado, not to be confused with Asadha the fourth month of the year on the Hindu calendar. An Asado is essentially a barbeque with three substantial differences:

1. The meat is cooked over a wood fire and it is cooked for between an hour and ninety minutes. I didn’t actually cook – my first time and all – but the cooking took place on my parilla (grill).
2. No one in their right mind starts to cook an Asado before 9:00 PM. While men in the U.S. are slaving away over a hot grill in the hottest part of the day, our Argentine counterparts have it all figured out and cook during the coolest part of the day. The hottest part of the day is reserved for the pool. And, I have to tell you that drinking wine with the fine cuts of meat you have at an Asado was far better than standing over a hot grill in the middle of the day.
3. As far as I can tell there are no vegetables at an Asado – just lomo de carne, lomo de cerdo and chorizo (basically beef, pork and sausage).

But, I digress – this post is about our Asado. We had a great time hosting our first Asado. The great friends we have made in Mendoza together with amazing meat (all varieties) made for a memorable day. I forgot to mention that they deliver helado here (imagine, ice cream delivered to your home at 11:00 PM). Now, that is what I call a great finish to the day!

That is it for me today -- I am off to explore the wonders of siesta.



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