Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pink Punk

At the Lyon Park fair Amelia decided that she had to have her hair painted – being the ever giving in parent, I said yes. A couple of minutes later this is what we had – a pink headed kid.

OK, so having your hair painted at the neighborhood fair is not so punk, but did you notice that she is wearing a cat collar? If you look closely you can see that she is wearing the collar of one of our cats (and it looks great). I guess she couldn’t find a studded dog collar (sometimes you just have to make due with what you can find). If you can't see it (bad eyes, too small of a computer screen) you can double click on the photo and it will give you a full screen version of the photo. Anyway, on the way home I could hear her singing:

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go
I wanna be sedated
Nothing to do
Nowhere to go
I wanna be sedated

It is only a matter of time before she grows her hair so it hangs in her eyes and starts dressing in all black (perhaps she will be a punk in pink). If she starts playing the guitar really poorly and snarling we will all know that she has been hanging out with Peter Loge too much (our only friend who actually likes the Ramones and not just says that he likes them).

This message is not meant to infer or suggest that 4 year olds should be sedated (the management).



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