Sunday, May 07, 2006

Guanaco Rule

So I am contemplating the amazing guanaco. A beautiful beast that languishes in the shadow of its much more famous cousins the alpaca and llama, guanacos are natives of Argentina. In fact, though its cousins are far more famous, the truth is llama and alpaca are just domesticated versions of guanacos. The guanaco is closely related to the camel, with a reddish-brown back, and paler, almost white, on the underside. Its tail is about ten inches long. The neck is long and slender; the head is long ending in a somewhat drooping upper lip, which is cleft in the middle. The ears are long, upright and mobile. Guanacos are endangered (meaning that you won’t see one on a parilla anytime soon).

Why do I know so much about the guanaco? Because Amelia’s assignment for her Dia del Animales project was to find a picture of an animal that was native to Argentina and report on what it looks like, eats and where it lives. Seems simple, but the translation didn’t quite work out for us and I sent Amelia to her school without a picture, but with the report. She brought it back with new instructions. This time I sent it back with the picture, but without written material. She brought it back with new instructions. After the third time, I think we got it right.

Makes me think that going back to school might not be a great plan for me at this point.


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