Monday, June 12, 2006

Mis Amigas….(written by Janalee, so she thinks it is not funny). This Month’s Food and Wine piece

Just a short note to share two adventures with friends…

The first took place in late April, when my friends Karen, Margot and Sarah flew down to celebrate Margot’s 40th b-day. I met the girls in Buenos Aires, where we spent two whirlwind days shopping and sightseeing, sin ninos. It was GREAT FUN – we strolled the streets of Palermo Soho, and savored all the wonderful little shops and cool new restaurants. We stayed in an amazing place called Hotel Bobo (named after – David Brooks book, Bobos in Paradise), where each room is different and fun. Sarah and I decamped in the Minimalist Room…

On Friday, we flew to Mendoza, and had a wonderful time touring bodegas, including Domaine St. Diego – (some photos), the only terraced vineyard in Mendoza. Specially designed by local wine legend Angel Mendoza, the vineyard is truly spectacular, each rock wall was built by hand. Later, we had lunch at a very special place called Almacen Del Sur, where all the ingredients are grown on the property. They created a fabulous birthday cake for Margot –with quince, peaches, meringe… we were happily stuffed at the end of the day.

The second adventure occurred just last weekend. My old friend Emma, and her friend Hilary, arrived via bus from BA, which, as Emma says, “was BY FAR the best form of public transportation she has ever taken….” The bus line features fully reclining seats, movies, dinner and champagne, all for about $30 US.

On Saturday, we got up early and journeyed to Valle de Uco, where the Vines property is located, very near the Andes. It was cloudy at first, but as the day wore on, the sky cleared and the mountains were out in full-force. We had lunch at Altus, a new bodega which features a small, intimate restaurant run by a local chef. We were invited to the open kitchen to watch the chef prepare a series of delectable appetizers, including grilled polenta with locally-grown sun-dried tomatoes, and tiny bowls of pumpkin soup, all cooked over an open-fire. The main course included a lentil stew… And the desserts were “to die for.” Here are some photos of the day. We celebrated Vince’s birthday later in the weekend, and had a lovely time just catching up. (Editor's note: Janalee forgot to mention the wine of the month which is the Altus Torrentes -- great white wine with a great fruit flavor.)

I miss my buddies already!!!


At 3:46 PM , Anonymous Caroline said...

Your blog is such fun! It's one of my favorite (among many) procrastination activities.

Could you send me your current email address? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Take care!


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