Sunday, July 23, 2006

Independence Day Asado

It has been a hectic couple of weeks and I keep putting off writing this little piece. I must be getting lazy. So, what has been up in Argentina that has been distracting me? Independence Day, horseback riding and Mia’s winter vacation have all taken some time. Now that I write it, it doesn’t sound like much. How about if I just say we have been enjoying the winter (average of 60 degrees – more like Spring really).

So, back to Independence Day – the big holiday is July 9th and proved to be a lot of fun. After finishing with Mia’s play at school we spent the weekend on the piece of land that Vines of Mendoza has purchased to build their resort and winery. There we rode horses and ate meat – there might have been some bread and vegetables around, but I can’t confirm that rumor.

Horse back riding was fantastic! It was really my first time on a horse and the horses were muy tranquilo (very calm). Which was good. At one point I was riding along with Pablo the gaucho (Argentine Cowboy) and he convinced me that I was ready to gallop. I went along with the idea. The only problem being that my attempt at galloping was, in a word, hilarious. So funny in fact that I thought Pablo might fall off from HIS horse – he was laughing so hard. Needless to say that was my last attempt at galloping for the day – better to spare everyone the risk of hurting themselves.

Amelia and Janalee were great on the horses. Mia absolutely loved it and has asked us to enroll her in a horse riding school that is near our house. I don’t know if we will go that far, but we will at least find more opportunities to ride.

After riding we all made our way to a dry streambed where we cooked an Asado. I don’t think I can really describe the entire process and do it justice. But I can honestly say that I have never been to a BBQ in a streambed before, so this was the best streambed BBQ I have ever had. The food was good, the friends were great and the day was beautiful. We have put the pictures here.

Not a bad way to spend a winter day. Hope you all had great Independence Days as well!


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