Friday, December 15, 2006

Yoga and Wine

Yoga and wine, sounds fun or potentially life threatening (doing a headstand and drinking just doesn't seem to go together). The New York Times found a place where exercising and wine tasting combine harmoniously. At Bliss Flow Yoga in Madison, WA. they focus on sensory experiences and being in the here and now.

The co-founder Angela Gargano, who has a background in wine, said “practicing yoga completely brings you into the moment so that you can appreciate one of life’s great pleasures, which is wine.” Agreed. Even though hard-core yogis scoff at this combination - the most serious of the yogi’s refrain from all alcohol, it is very popular with the untraditional yogis that are focused on fun. Yoga + Wine workshops are going to be held through the U.S. next year.

This solves a huge problem for me. Janalee thinks I should start yoga, but it just doesn't seem like something I could really do -- with the help of a little Malbec it is going to be much easier.


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