Friday, December 15, 2006

Playing out the string

So, it is time for us to come home. When we started this adventure we gave ourselves a year to experience a new culture, try to learn Spanish and take some time away from the hustle and bustle of life.

It hasn't worked out quite as we thought it would. We have experienced a new culture (and we love it!).

Mia has learned Spanish (right now she is talking to her babysitter and I don't understand a word she is saying). But, Janalee and I are struggling with it some. The difference might be that Mia spends her days with people who only speak Spanish and we spend our days with people who speak English.

And, Janalee works more now than she ever has. Janalee is the Vice President of Staffing at The Vines of Mendoza which has grown from 6 people when we arrived (two of whom were being paid) to 49 (with all of the challenges of hiring, firing and yes paying). It has been incredibly invogorating for her. And Me? I have a small consulting business that takes up more time than I seem to have and I spend an incredible amount of time with Mia (which is more fun than I ever imagined it would be). The "stay at home dad" part of my life has been both eye opening and overwhelming. But, I don't think I would trade the time for anything.

So, what does all of this add up to? We are going to stay for at least eight more months and perhaps a year. Janalee wants to see what happens with this great adventure that is The Vines and I really want to learn Spanish and I am enjoying my consulting work.

What about Mia? She thinks she is Argentine. She speaks only Spanish with everyone except her parents and sings Vamos Vamos Argentine on a regular basis. (The only thing missing is for her friend Charlotte to move here.)

Now that we have finally decided what we are doing I promise to blog more often -- I swear!


At 1:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Though I'd hear that this was in the works, it's nice to read a bit about it. Sending you each hugs and kisses during this holiday season.

Jen C.


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