Monday, May 14, 2007


Wikipedia says that an expatriate is “a person temporarily residing in a country and culture other than that of the person’s upbringing or legal residence. The word comes from the latin ex (out of) and the greek patria (country)…..”

As strange as it may seem to us sometimes, we are expatriates. Though we have many Argentine friends, we’ve also created a rich friendship network with other ex-pats, primarily from the States, Italy, and Great Britain (or “ENGLAND -- I’m not Scottish,” as our friend Haisley would say). Not quite as romantic as the “lost generation,” but ex-pats nonetheless.

Today, we said so long to Sam -- our ENGLISH (Italian -- well, technically, he’s ENGLISH, but he lived in Italy for over 15 years before moving here with his wife -- who is ARGENTINE but lived in Italy virtually all her life, and family, whew -- they are REAL ex-pats) amigo who is moving back to Italy to work for at least another couple of years (what he needs to earn his pension) for the European Union. Fortunately, we don’t have to say goodbye to Monica and the kids yet….

For the last few months, we’ve spent many a Sunday “asadoing” while the kids played in one of our backyards… Drawn together by our love of Argentine wine and beef, lots of laughter, and the exhilaration and strangeness of living in a foreign land, we have become fast friends.

Here’s to you Sam -- not quite sure what Vince and Haisley will do without you! Suerte y buen viaje - Nos vemos pronto, amigo!


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