Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Getting Ready To Go

While the blog has been named "A Year in Mendoza", we are still spending a month in Washingtion, DC. The next six weeks will be spent furiously getting ready to move the three of us to Argentina for a year. When we first decided to move it seemed like a fairly good idea to move at the begining of the new year. I don't think we were really thinking about what it would take to move right after Christmas. In hindsight I have noticed that the holiday season is pretty busy without trying to rent your home, sell your car and pack everything you own into a 10 x 20 space.

Our focus this week is on trying to figure out what we need to get done before we go -- once we get the list worked out we will start doing everything. Seems like a good, if simple, plan. The truth is we won't do most of the things we need to do until way past the time we were supposed to have them done. Really, if we had started getting ready in June we would still have the same amount of work to do today. It is probably better that we didn't start earlier - we saved ourselves a lot of time that we would have spent worrying.

Since this is my first post and I haven't told anyone this bog exists, my guess is that no one will read this. Perhaps the next one will be longer and someone will read it. For now this blog is like a tree falling in the woods -- no one hears it -- not that you can hear a post on a blog anyway.....