Monday, January 01, 2007

Feliz Ano Nuevo (Fluent Spanish Speakers Please Forgive Us...)

It's 2007 here in Argentina... can't quite believe it. This time last year, we were ensconced in a "castle" in New York (it's a beautiful house at a YMCA camp in the Catskills) with about 40 friends ringing in the New Year, while our little ones danced to Donna Summer and watched the snowfall.

This year, we had planned to be at the Vines New Year's party, but instead spent the evening feeding Mia pudding and water (all she will eat tonight) to help her get through a fever.

We knew it was officiallly midnight when the lightshow began -- we're surrounded by neighbors with rocket launchers -- there are literally "weapons grade" fireworks going off all around us! And parties around the block, big family parties...with little kids screaming feliz ano neuvo!

Vince and I sipped a bit of espumante at twelve o'clock and toasted our good fortune -- to have lives rich with love, adventure, discovery, kindness, wonder, a few challenges now and then, and lots of joy.

Here's to 2007! Let the fireworks begin....